Trinidad Casilda Book 24 Cigars

Trinidad Casilda Book 24 Cigars

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Last year, at the XXI Festival del Habano, the Trinidad brand was honouredas part of its 50th anniversary festivities. It was also an opportunity for Habanos to present a wave of new products, including a new volume of the Colección Habanos: the Trinidad Casilda.

For lovers of Cuban cigars, each edition of the Colección Habanos is a true object of desire due to its rarity and to the expertise used to create it. Despite its young age, the brand is well-known and appreciated by smokers from all over the world. By all means, this new "Book" will be of much interest for collectors.

This is the first time that an edition of the Colección Habanos contains so many cigars. The only exception was with the "Obras Completas" edition in 2011, containing 30 cigars: 3 pieces from each of the 10 previous editions. Actually, the Trinidad Casilda book contains 24 cigars. This number of cigars is characteristic of the brand, as is the emblematic pigtail.

Only 3'000 Trinidad Casilda Books have been produced worldwide. What’s more, they are exclusively intended for the Casa del Habano shops. Each book therefore contains 24 "Casilda" (53 x 185 mm): a generously sized vitola, specially created by Habanos S.A. for the occasion. Its name was chosen to pay tribute to the village of Casilda, a seaport in the city of Trinidad, in the province of Sancti Spíritus.

Each Casilda has been entirely hand-rolled with the greatest care from the leaves of the Vuelta Abajo, the place where the best tobacco in the world is harvested. The Book Trinidad Casilda is an exclusive piece for lovers of the brand and of its cigars with a rich taste.