Our Story


In the depth of the recession, on Sunday 7th February 1993, we, Bhavna and Ajay, took the brave step and opened our first shop. It was a gamble as young entrepreneurs, but with a dream in mind, we knew we could offer something different to the town we lived in, Teddington. 

Overnight we transformed what was a modest Paper Shop on Broad Street, into our first store and marked the beginning of our journey. With our first customer completely bewildered by the sudden change, we were proud to inform him that we were the new owners. 

Over time, as our customers grew, so did our range in stock, working towards the plan of becoming a specialist in cigars, chocolates and fine gifts. 

With the cigar boom from 1996-97, we launched our first website, Broadweighs Cigar Store, opening our doors across the UK and internationally, building business and friendships alike. 


Faced with the indoor smoking ban in 2007, we looked for new ways our customers could enjoy their cigars surrounded by comfort. We knew we needed a larger shop so we started the search. Fortunately, we did not have to go far, as just around the corner we found the perfect unit with a basement - 76 High Street, Teddington. When we saw this, our gut said it all. We knew we were going to have the first indoor 'Sampling Cigar Lounge' in the UK. We approached Habanos, for the 'La Casa De Habano' franchise via Hunters & Frankau, and came to an agreement and the deal was done. 

We made a bespoke lounge in dark walnut and birch, with large comfortable leather sofas, soft lighting and the rhythm of Cuban salsa playing. 

On Tuesday 30th September 2008, La Casa Del Habano, Teddington opened its doors. 



How the time flies when you're enjoying your work. Married for 29 years, we live together, work together and share two beautiful daughters who we love. 

Realising our dreams and making them happen through sweat, tears and dedication, we were delighted to celebrate 25 years in Teddington. It doesn't stop there, we still have more ambitions in mind that we are determined to make whilst we are still young, well youngish. So let's see what the next chapter brings. 


Bringing people together from all walks of live through the concept of indulging in the finest tobacco known to man, 'The Habano Cigar'.