Siglo Cigar Ashtray by Christian Develter - Al Capone

Siglo Cigar Ashtray by Christian Develter - Al Capone

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PCC Siglo Ashtray by Al Capone is part of a unique collection of well known
figures. Beautifully crafted, a rare make and incredibly popular.

Internationally acclaimed for his celebrity paintings unique with vibrant colors, contemporary

Artist Christian Develter has graciously agreed to collaborate with SIGLO. This unique
collaboration will introduce a selection of his iconic paintings on humidors and ashtrays.
Due to the overwhelming response, this ashtray is now available to purchase separately,
without serial numbers. Made of fine bone china in contrasting colors, this is a perfect gift for cigar aficionados. Christian Develter, originally from Belgium, has lived in Asia for the last 20 years.