Partagas de Luxe

Partagas de Luxe

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Whenever fans of Cuban Cigars seek a smoke with a full flavor and aroma, they more often than not turn to Partagas. Since 1845, the name Partagas has stood across the world for quality and a robust flavor profile that pairs well with even the strongest, most flavorful beverages. This fortitude confines the enjoyment of the brand to after dinner, late into the evening, and as a larger format, to be savored over an hour or more.

However, sometimes, there's a craving for the power of Partagas in a short, intense burst – for these moments, there's the Partagas DeLuxe.

The DeLuxe is presented in a smaller format, measuring 40 ring gauge by 5 ½ inches, and is housed in handsome yellow tubes, protecting the wrapper while in your pocket and making it perfect for the smoker on the go. It offers around 30 minutes of enjoyment – perfect for a quick pause in the middle of the day.

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