Dark Woods Coffee Common Grounds - Barrel Aged - Gift Tin 150g

Dark Woods Coffee Common Grounds - Barrel Aged - Gift Tin 150g

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Our award winning Common Grounds now comes in 150g Gift Tins.

A sister project to the Common Grounds Coffee Porter - for which we roast and source the coffee - Common Grounds is a striking and innovative collaboration with Huddersfield craft brewer Magic Rock.  Utilising Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrels sourced from the brewery we explored the idea of resting green coffee in these used barrels before roasting, in the same way that the brewery ages some of its beers.

After much experimenting we arrived at the choice of a washed Ethiopian Yirgecheffe whose natural floral, citrus character became completely transformed by the process. Retaining notes of vanilla and dried fruit from the oak and carrying a surprising amount of sweet Bourbon aroma this formerly limited-edition coffee is a regular sell-out and cult favourite amongst customers worldwide.

Please note that because each batch must be aged in the barrel for up to two weeks there can sometimes be a short wait for the coffee to be roasted. The flavour and intensity of the whiskey character may also vary as different barrels affect the coffee in their own way - just as single cask whiskies have their own unique signatures.