Cohiba Siglo II 2015
Cohiba Siglo II 2015
Cohiba Siglo II 2015
Cohiba Siglo II 2015

Cohiba Siglo II 2015

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The Cigar:

The unique ‘extra fermentation’ that is conducted on the Seco and Legero of all Cohibas lasts for eighteen months and is conducted at the factory in cedar barrels. This extra age creates a unique taste. The famous Cohiba flavour is most often described as ‘Grassy’, although others have noticed tones of vanilla, cocoa and coffee. It is often noted how this extra fermentation makes the taste ‘smoother’ and more refined.

Min Ron NEE, in his book An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars says of the Siglo range “Mild, creamy sweetness, medium bean flavour, subtle ‘Cohiba’ Grassy taste, mild floral and herbal flavours.”.

The American publication Cigar Aficionado scored this cigar an impressive 93 out of 100 in a recent review, saying “Oily, firm and well made, with a fine draw and an even burn. The cigar is spicy and rich, with complex flavours of dark chocolate, coffee and leather. A full bodied masterpiece”

Line: La Linea 1492
Flavour: Medium
Vitola: Mareva
Ring Gauge: 42
Length: 5 1/8 Inches / 129mm

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