Canton Earl Grey Tea Bags
Canton Earl Grey Tea Bags

Canton Earl Grey Tea Bags

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China, India, Italy. Expertly blended in the UK by Canton.

This is a cut above others because we choose premium teas to carry authentic cold-pressed Calabrian bergamot oil. The difference is clear, first when you smell the aromatic citrus notes, then when you taste the liquor that holds the bergamot flavour and lingers with tantalising softness on the tongue. Try it light and black, or brew it longer and stronger, adding a drop of milk.

Ingredients: Black tea, bergamot oil.

Taste & aroma

The smooth, bright liquor of this tea is rich with citrus of the bergamot that lingers with tantalising velvety softness on the tongue.

Infusion guidelines

For the ideal cup of Canton Earl Grey, steep 1 teabag of loose leaf in 250ml of 95°C water for four minutes if you’re taking it with milk. If you’re taking it black, use 3g of loose leaf and only steep it for two minutes.

*Contains 15 Tea Bags