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New Collection for La Casa Del Habano shop for 2012

Habanos, are bring out two new La Casa Del Habano Collection for 2012. Ramon Allones Imperiales -165mm x 48 Humidor of 50. Number of number made we do not know yet! but we think around 350 units.

The second is the Cuaba Bariay - Dulcineas 232mm x 47 book shape of 20. Number of book made 500 we think.
Both, as seen above.

As the only LCDH in London we will be having this in stock once released. We are taking pre-orders so you do not miss out on these.

The list of Special Havana Cigars which  for 2012.

Montecristo 520 EL 2012 - Maravillas of 155mm x 55 in boxes of 10
Partagas Serie C No.3 EL 2012 - C No.3 140mm x 48 in boxes of 10
Upmann Robusto EL 2012 - Robusto 124mm x 50 in  boxes of 25
Romeo y Julieta Churchil Reserva - Julieta No.2 178mm x 47 in boxes of 20
Cuaba Bariay - Dulcineas 232mm x 47 in book shaped humidor of 20
Ramon Allones Imperiales - 165mm x 48 in Humidor of 50
Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure de Luxe - 115mm x 52 in slide box of 10
San Cristóbal Torreon - 150mm x 54 in Jars of 25

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