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New Release for Habanos 2012 Festival


With the launch of the Cohiba Pirámides Extra –the brand’s first figurado and a deluxe addition to its Linea Clasica- the 14th Habano Festival opened Monday night with a gala held at the Karl Marx Theater.
Cohiba Pirámides Extra, the star of the night, is a long-sized habano (ring gauge 54 x 160mm long) that stands out for being the brand’s first figurado and for carrying a number of anti-fakery elements, like visible and concealed holographs splayed in the new band and aluminum tube, both featuring innovations in terms of design and security that guarantee better and faster identification for those who love this exclusive Habano. 

Cohiba Piramades Extra

Romeo y Julieta Churchill Reserva crop 2008

Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill

More to follow as the week goes on.....