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Vintage Montecristo No1 Dunhill Seleccion Suprema from late 1958....

....I would like to share with you some of our vintage collection we have. I will try to post up every week and pictures of some of our collection, please give me time as we have a very large collection of vintage cigars all Cuban, which we have collected over years.

To start of with is this box of Montecristo No1 Dunhill Seleccion Suprema from late 1958's..I can say it was around that time...Cuba started making Montecristo in 1958 for Alfred Dunhill with their Logo and each cigar had a special band which was made only for Alfred Dunhill. No other company had this done, making it very unique.

If you look at this box the seal which is placed around the box edge, its serrated and dark green...Cuba used this seal during pre-Castro...the seal were stopped after Castro came to power. The Cuban Guarantee Stamp underwent a major design change in 1924.  It is very easy to date a stamp as 1912-1924 or 1924-1962.

The original stamp is entirely in Spanish whereas the newer one is in four languages.

The heat seal on bottom of box, look very close you will see where it says HECHO EN CUBA, this is written in with-in a thick and a thin circle...this helps dating the box. As after 1960's the thiner line was not used. Only a very small quantity of boxes had this...for a short period.

So this box looks like to be one of the fist production of Montecristo No1 made for Alfred Dunhill in 1958. The cigars are in perfect condition, with the smell of age, wrappers chocolate in colour, smelling the box after opening is like a puff of history had been open, the smell of tobacco which has been aging for over 53 years..smell of floral and chocolate, dry fruits..and hit of pepper which comes through...so we will open this box and enjoy the 53 years of ageing...that may be sooner then you think....

I have kept the image large so you can see the details...for cigar lovers its worth taking seeing...and hopefully will be able to share the experience when we smoke the box....



 Montecristo No1 Dunhill Seleccion Suprema late 1958.